Infrastructure Management

Every business in the present times runs on a data fabric. This fabric however small or large is composed of network devices, software, applications, specific purpose hardware, computers (desktops and/or servers), storage devices, cables/wires etc, PDA’s/Tablets/SmartPhones etc. The numbers and technical specifications of involved devices vary depending on the simplicity or complexity of requirements. Interestingly the schematic of these elements of data fabric they change over period of times as organisations evolve and grow. Organisations grow organically or inorganically, along with which the data fabric grows or changes accordingly.. Every component added to this system brings some change, since adding/removing is a process of change. Such changes need to be evaluated, then introduced or /implemented, tested, and then commissioned. This process may be seen as management of the data fabric or in other words Data/IT Infrastructure Management.

ITIL v3 defines IT Infrastructure

as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc. (including all of the information technology), in order to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT services

We go by and follow this definition of IT Infrastructure and believe that effective management ensures your business growth. We can cater to individual component or end-to-end management of the entire infrastructure.

We understand the requirements of organisations, that vital areas like which IT Infrastructure should be Highly Available, Secured, Scalable and Performing, are well taken care of. So TIASYS design’s and deploy’s the system in a manner that these concerns become the de-facto features of your infrastructure, as we put focus on the basic necessity of infrastructure. The big concern that some organisations have is about Cost and ROI and this is why we choose to put the system in a planned and phased manner that in turn we achieve the objectives in a very cost-effective and budget oriented way.

IT Infrastructure requires utmost attention as present businesses in all forte almost completely depend on its performance. Whether it is an individual consultant or a small chain of retail shop, or a moderately sized manufacturing unit, or a large enterprise. These organisations belonging to any industry verticals, have one thing in common and that is a strong and performing IT infrastructure, that can be scaled up at will.

Businesses these days have an in depth understanding of the potential relation between Highly Available and Performing infrastructure to the growth of their business. Business processes are so convolved with IT Infrastructure that the efficient processes needs an efficient Infrastructure, thus it must remain so for the entire process of life cycle. This is where Smart Planning and Efficient Execution of your project allows us to achieve your business objectives.

Our offering ensures that you leverage every bit of your Infrastructure to run your Processes efficiently and smoothly. Our offerings cover various tasks that needs to be regularly (daily/periodically) undertaken  so as to ensure efficiency of Infrastructure with by following four cardinal parameters

  • High Availability
  • Secured
  • Scalable
  • Performance

Our service offerings involve but are not limited to:

  • Desktop Management & Support
  • Server Management & Support
  • Application Management & Support
  • Network Management & Support
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Security & Compliance Management
  • Remote Software Asset Management
  • Change Management Evaluation/Execution & Support
  • Application/System Deployment (For example : MS CRM/Exchange/Openstack/Virtualisation Frameworks)