Abhay Nawathey

Founder & CEO

Abhay has more than 15years of experience in Enterprise Systems Management, Cloud Based Managed Services, Product Engineering and Management and holds a Post Graduate degree in Computer Science with a major in Data Mining.  Abhay has been working with large and small companies in designing and developing their IT Infrastructure management division. Prior to TIASYS, Abhay headed ECM where he successfully built its Electricity Metering Product from concept to features to deployment at client side.

Abhay held various roles in his previous companies and has designed and maintained Networks and Data Centers for them. He also helped organizations to build contact/support centers. His area of interest is building large data acquisition and analytics systems.

He has good understanding of sales cycles and product evolution. He is a quick learner and spends his free time in understanding applications of new technologies.

Dr. Sunu Engineer

Chief Technology Officer

Sunu is Ph.D in Physics (Cosmology) from Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. He has worked in the IUCAA Optical Observatory designing and developing a distributed operating system for observatory control. Sunu has ~20 years of experience building small/large scale systems development from scratch. Sunu has been involved in various Computer Science related space ranging from Analytics to Virtualisation.

He built an Embedded systems company Embedded Computing Machines, that focuses on energy management and measurement. Sunu has been involved with various aspects of development of the node and distributed measurement systems to accomplish management systems under proprietary yet open energy management framework.

Sunu has various interests and hobbies, if he is not working on solving any Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science/Space related problem than he would be found reading books and playing flute.

Mr. Vasudev S Konnur

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Konnur holds a degree in engineering and a post graduate diploma in business management. He has a professional experience of over 40 years in steel sector. Has held various positions in steel industries, both public and private, and has since retired as chief executive officer of a steel business. He has the exposure to the whole gamut of management with manufacturing and project management as the the core strengths.